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Best toilets of the future

Futuristic toilets are already here. Most plumbers will tell you that 20, 10, or even a few years ago, they would not have dreamt that electronic equipment and pipes would come together. No so long ago, people had outhouses that served as toilets. Having one toilet in the home would have been considered a luxury. These days, many households have two or more toilets and many homes have en-suites, with a toilet attached to each bedroom. Although the idea of the toilet may not have progressed rapidly over the last 10 or so years, we’re set for a revolution in toilet development over the next 10 years. Currently, the best toilets are the ones that keep themselves clean! This has become possible through the melding of technology and plumbing. While self-cleaning bowls are already available, toilets are destined to do so much more. Here are two of the best toilets of the future.

Numi by Kohler

For example, The Numi toilet from Kohler is intelligent.

The seat raises and lowers, and is heated. And you can customize the bidet. This isn’t new in Japan, as even the public toilets in Japan have toilets with heaters that play music! Actually, if you want to find out the future of toilets just take a vacation to Japan. The types of public toilets in Japan is mind boggling. You almost need a guide to figure out how to use them!

However, the Numi also has Bluetooth connectivity that enables your mobile to play your favorite song via the Numi also. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa too.

Neorest 750-H

Also in the marketplace is that the Neorest 750-H, which allows you to control the temperature of the seat and water.

A frequent theme with these intelligent bathrooms is your built-in bidet.

The bidet seat cleans with warm soapy water, oscillates and pulsates!

The Neorest can even remove bad smells in the restroom by running the air through a carbon filter.